Confidential information - in e-mails

The video clip above is a 30 second excerpt from a cartoon video of 1:30 minute duration.

This is the one of two short videos about how we avoid leaking confidential information. See the other video, which is about more general issues.

In this video we dig deeper into important details employees must all be aware of: how and why confidential data is to be handled with extra care when transmitting it via an e-mail. 

A legal requirement

It is a legal requirement that companies and organisations must be very careful with the way they handle confidential data and information. As a consequence, employees are obligated to be extremely aware and focused on this issue. 
With the new EU Personal Data Regulation, these requirement are now being even further tightened in Europe and large fines can be imposed on companies that fail to manage personal and confidential data properly.

Weakest link in security chain

Your organisation may have invested heavily in security tools to keep its data safe behind encrypted fire-walls, but if the employees in the organisation are as unaware as people are in general about the threats from IT criminals, then the most severe and costly security crisis your organisation has ever faced could happen because of a simple click done by an employee.

Information leaks can be costly

When documents containing confidential information are leaked or stolen, the organisation could suffer massive damage.
The bill for mismanagement of confidential data can quickly run up in millions of dollars. Whenever confidential information is leaked or stolen, the organisation stands to lose customers or partners as well as losing business opportunities and its general reputation as a trusted partner.

Companies and organisation often work with hundreds of sensitive documents and private data on a day-to-day basis. From strategic plans to internal business practices, to information about bank accounts and customers’ private information.

Behind the organisation's firewalls, the information can appear to be in safe hands, but in reality the organisation has very little control over the way confidential information is handled by its employees.

This is the reason awareness training in how to handle confidential information is utmost important to any organisation.


Humorous cartoon series: BIG money at stake

The film is part of ‘Humour against hacking’ – an effective awareness campaign for employees, which can be used in all types of companies and organisations in order to prevent becoming victim of an IT crime.
‘Humour against hacking’ inspires and teaches employees how they can help secure the organisation against attacks.

Employee awareness is key to prevent becoming a victim of IT crime
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