Video interviews

The ‘Humour against hacking’ campaign gets extra quality and effect when it is supplemented with current interviews.

It may be an interview with one of your skilled IT people, with an IT manager, or with someone who gives advice and guidance from IT Support.

It can also be an interview with an expert who takes one of the important IT security themes up.

It could be about the dilemmas organisations experience when they have discovered that hackers have compromised their IT systems.

It could be with a company that has been hacked or exposed to ransomware. Or maybe with an employee who was targeted by cyber-criminals pretending to be the company's CIO...

An example

Ministry of Foreign Affairs affected by cyber attacks

IT chief of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jess Pilegaard, chose to publicly report an advanced hacker attack to which the ministry was exposed.

He tells about this in this interview with Kelsa Media.

“If we do not learn from each other when we've been exposed to hacker attacks, then it's very unfortunate,” says Pilegaard. “It is my clear conviction that we have a duty to tell about it and share our experiences openly, and so we also told about it when we were exposed to a major attack in the ministry”.

It didn't go quite as Jess Pilegaard had hoped when he went to the media with the story about cyber attacks against the ministry. In the interview he explains why he believes all organisations exposed to hackers should share their experiences. Even if it can be difficult.

Openness about cyber attacks

Openness is a matter that is full of dilemmas. Because it can go beyond the reputation of the employee and the reputation of the company if it becomes publicly known that the company has been exposed to an attack. But today, it is acknowledged by all IT security experts that cybercrime is so lucrative that most companies and organisations will be exposed to hacking, ransomware, and CEO fraud.