Effective campaign with quiz and test

We deliver questions and content, saving you time, while allowing you to customise the content exactly to fit your specific needs.

Quiz and test can be delivered in a variety of ways – and taylored - to suit your needs. For example:

• Questions formulated in an Excel or Word document
• Quiz module with interesting and thought-provoking questions.
• Campaign prizes to create special attention.
• Promotional package with movies, quiz, articles, video interviews

Everything can be customised to fit your specific needs with an aspiration to engage and create interest among all employees.

Quiz demo Password from Kelsa Media and 'Humour against hacking'
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me – and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

How do we do it?
The campaign can be published in a number of different ways to suit your requirments. For example:

• Directly in your organisation's own LMS system
• Online via Kelsa Media's LMS system