Cyber security awareness campaign

IT-criminals are sneaky and clever, and there are a lot of them.   They target employees in order to gain access to our IT-systems.

We'll help you protect your organisation by engaging employees so they can see through the cyber-criminals tricks.

‘Humour against hacking’ is a creative and humorous campaign about cyber security.

Why employee cyber awareness is crucial

Employees are the front line of defence
During the campaign, employees learn, among other things, to be aware and alert to the scams cyber criminals are using.
Awareness minimises risk of attack

The goal is to minimise the number of attacks, fraud, data theft and other methods cyber criminals use to compromise our security

Cyber crime is a rapidly growing industry
Cyber-crime can result in significant costs to an organisation. As Cyber security is constantly changing, employees’ insight are paramount
70% of data breaches are human error
Untrained employees, too many with access to the systems and poor IT security cost millions for businesses and government departments

Engaging cartoons, quizzes and material with humour

Using our short, humorous and informative cartoons, quizzes and entertaining printed materials you can train your
employees and raise cyber security awareness within your organisation.

Why humorous? Shouldn’t this topic be taken very seriously?

This is exactly what we do. Because unless employees learn to keep the hackers out, organisations will remain vulnerable to hackers and criminals, no matter how much the organisation's IT department invests in firewalls and advanced security software.

We make the learning process fun and engaging for the employee, so that they enjoy the ride and are happy to learn more. In this way, they do not only learn, they also remember. The organisation gets united around a common goal.

This is the secret why ‘Humour against hacking’ has become so popular. It is an easy, committed and effective awareness campaign to all types and sizes of organisations and companies.


“Effective and efficient training”

MUNICIPALITY:   “The campaign around the movies totally blows the frame of all our previous awareness campaigns when we compare the hit rate readings on our Intranet. The news about Kelsa Media cartoons got twice as many readings as compared to previous video campaigns, and almost three times as many compared to our regular awareness news messages.”Brian Kjelin Olsen, IT Security Coordinator, Køge Municipality
MINISTRY:   “The messages hit bull’s eye – spot on. The heavy messages are conveyed easily and efficiently. The movies are fun, sharp, humorous. Especially suitable to create awareness for employees in public organisations.” Thomas Tae Yang Jørgensen, Information Security Officer at the Danish Ministry for Climate, Energy and Construction (KMD).
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