Skype for business

Are you about to introduce Skype for Business in your organisation?

Here's a short video cartoon which provides a positive first impression of the software. The video explains the overall benefits Skype for Business provides to all employees in the organisation.

The film can be adapted to your organisation, for instance with the use of your organisation’s colours or logo.

New times — new platforms

So your business is going to start using Skype for Business. You have five minutes at an assembly to provide an easy-to-understand overview of what it's all about.

What would you want to say which is short and accurate?

How much will be understood? And remembered?

This little video cartoon explains it all – in half the time. It makes your messaging about Skype for Business easy to understand and efficiently catches everyone's attention.

Simple messages

The video's messages are delivered with humour and they are easy to understand and remember. The points are short and sweet.

If your organisation's management or board is about to make a decision on whether to use Skype for Business or not, this video provides the executive members with all the key points without wasting their time. However, the video's target audience is the employees.

Content of the two-minute video cartoon

The film provides short answers to everyone involved, both the worried and the curious:

• Why (again) should we be introducing new software?
• What exactly is it?
• Is Skype for Business actually progress?

Adjustments to form and content

The video film can be customised with, for example, logo and Corporate Identity.

The video can be delivered as a single-standing product or as part of a communication package including articles and illustrations.

It works excellently for training purposes and can be used in combination with short inspirational online seminars with other relevant online video clips.

→ We also offer a series of humorous awareness video cartoons about IT security.

Our video cartoons are available in Danish, Norwegian and English language. Certain videos are available in other languages as well.

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