GDPR for employees. Campaigh from - copyritght Kelsa Media

GDPR for employees

Are you looking for a shortcut to easy communication on GDPR - EU Personal Data - for employees. This is what it is all about in the cartoon 'GDPR for employees'. 

2½ minute cartoon
Everybody is better serverd in understanding their role in GDPR. Watch the video!

All organisations are facing the challence of information for employees to the GDPR. But it is not just a walk in the park. GDPR is complicated and hard to explain.   Employees are usually not interested and get the feeling that life would be much easier without GDPR.
GDPR for employees from 'Humour against hacking'

GDPR for employees

The reason is the difficulties of understanding details and instructions before you get the overwiew of the main ideas in the 'General Data Protection Regulation.' This is what this is about.

Save time with good introduction on GDPR

Communitation is always a challenge when it comes to difficult topics, but the animation way might be a good, first step.

With short time to become compliant to GDPR, you might need a shortcut.
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