Ransomware creates fear

Ransomware - avoid being tricked
The video clip is a 30 second excerpt from a cartoon video of 1:30 minute duration

The extent of ransomware attacks has exploded, and there is legitimate reason to fear them.  Things can go terribly wrong if employees are not aware of the threat.
This little cartoon video tells – with a humourous twist – about how ransomware comes in and what can happen. And viewers are given clear directions: DO's and DON'Ts

A recent example is the world-wide WannaCry attack in spring 2017. It became expensive and in some cases catastrophic for those who were hit.

Ransomware is big business
By 2015, there were 3.6 million ransomware attacks worldwide. The figure rose in 2016 to 638 million. Employees are essential in the fight when cybercrime is to be limited. As malware is constantly being designed to better prevent antivirus and unnoticed through the system, the individual's judgment will be central.

Ransomware is out of control
This is due to the fact that ransomware works and generates significant revenues for the backlogs, says Jan Johannsen, Security Director at Check Point Denmark, in a press release.

The extent of ransomware has exploded – it's almost unimaginable. Danish companies have been exposed to more than 150,000 attacks in 2016.  

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Definition of ransomware

A type of malware used to debug the owner of the infected device to pay ransom to access their own data again. The word is composed of the English words "ransom" (solvency) and "software" (program code).

Facts about ransomware

  • Ransomware has hit us like a wave. Your workplace has probably already has been targeted by ransomware criminals, and you may have experienced parts of your IT system locked down because of a claim from IT criminals that you will only get your materials back when you have paid a large ransom.
  • Most often, ransomware enters the organisation’s IT system when an employee clicks on a link that instantly installs malware onto the computer. When that happens, the malware begins to encrypt all computer files.
  • If your computer is connected to others in your workplace on a network (which it is quite likely to be), then the entire organisation’s data may become encrypted.
  • The consequences can be catastrophic for your organisation.
  • Of course, if you have a proper and recent backup of everything, you can restore your data, BUT this can easily take a day or two, in which period employees are unable to access their data and aren’t able to do their work. This soon becomes an expensive ordeal for the company.
  • If you do not have a recent backup it will be even more expensive, as you will lose access to a lot of information and work.
  • All IT experts discourage paying ransom to the cyber-criminals. You can not be sure to get your files back and if you pay it will only give them even incentive to attack more companies and organisations – including those they have already successfully targeted.

Humorous cartoon series: BIG money at stake

The film is part of ‘Humour against hacking’ – an effective awareness campaign for employees, which can be used in all types of companies and organisations in order to prevent becoming victim of an IT crime.
‘Humour against hacking’ inspires and teaches employees how they can help secure the organisation against attacks.

Employee awareness is key to prevent becoming a victim of IT crime
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