Some learn it the boring way by reading long manuals. Others learn it the hard way, when security is suddenly breached. We recommend the Humour against hacking way - because it is super simple, quick and even a bit of fun! 🙂

If you are worried about cyber crime affecting your business, you have every reason to be. The cyber criminals are getting more and more clever, and if you are caught unaware, you could fall in one of their traps sooner that you had ever expected. If you agree with us that the current advice and guidance, written by IT experts, is boring, time consuming and sometimes even difficult to understand, you have come to the right place.

We want to take you from this...

Image this:
 simply, quickly and with a bit of fun

We’ve created a simple training course covering the basics of cyber security using fun and engaging cartoons. Each cartoon is one to two minutes long with a quick quiz covering the important points.

Get up to speed on Phishing, Ransomware, Invoice Fraud and other subjects to reduce your risk to cyber crime and get on with your business.

The training has been effectively used by many companies and organisation, large and small, around the world to increase their employee IT security awareness.

More than 250,000 people have done it the Humour against hacking way


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Cyber essential online course

Humour against hacking's Cyber essentials online course includes the following topics:

CEO fraud / Invoice fraud
Lock your PC
Secure storage of data

Only $90 for all six topics‬


  “The messages hit bull’s eye – spot on. The heavy messages are conveyed easily and efficiently.
The movies are fun, sharp, humorous.”

~ Danish Ministry for Energy and Climate

Quickly get up to speed on the cyber crime threat and protect yourself.