Cyber Security Awareness

From passwords through to personal data protection, we have courses to  cover all aspects of cyber security awareness in a fun and engaging way for your employees.

Off the shelf training is not going to be right for everyone. However if you want to get up to speed quickly have a look at our standard packages and video below.

If you want something for multiple users please get in touch so we can tailor every aspect of the training making it relevant to your organisation’s objectives, branding and requirement, making it more valuable and effective to your staff.

From the full campaign to a single video and quiz, we can provide exactly what you need to create the best training for you and your employees.

Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

Full Cyber Awareness Campaign for organisations with multiple users.

Full IT Security Awareness Campaign featuring;

  • All training videos and quizzes
  • Multi-User support (add your own employees to the training)
  • Course tracking and management dashboard - so you can track user progress
  • Promotion material to support the campaign
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Course Packages

Below is a list of our courses packages.


This training package contains our key videos and quizzes to bring you or your company up to speed with cyber security awareness. Topics covers are:

  • CEO fraud
  • Ransomware
  • Passwords
  • Phishing
  • Lock your PC
  • Secure storage of data
If you require the course for multiple users please get in touch and we will provide a quotation based on the number of users and your own company dashboard (significant discounts are available for multiple users).


Single Courses

Just want to have a go at one particular subject? Below is a list of our single courses which you can buy individually to suit your needs.  Each course consists of the full video and a quiz.

More individual videos coming soon.


With the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), it has become even more important to focus on how and where data is stored. This short video cartoon explains the main issues with data storage – easy and straightforward to understand. Watch Demo Learn More


Phishing is a fake e-mail from a criminal who hopes to steal your digital identity or get access to your accounts. It is important to learn what to look out for before clicking on a link in an e-mail. This video cartoon helps to sharpen the employee’s attention on the dangers and traps with so-called ‘phishing’. Watch Demo Learn More



In this video we dig deeper into important details employees must all be aware of: how and why confidential data is to be handled with extra care when transmitting it via an e-mail. Watch Demo Learn More


All employees must be particularly aware and focused when handling confidential data and information. This is a video about how we avoid leakage of confidential material. Watch Demo Learn More


This video provides tips and advice on why we need to lock your computer whenever we leave it – and how it is done best – in order to protect content and confidential information. Watch Demo Learn More


The EU Personal Data Regulation GDPR is a huge challenge for organisations, because all employees need to know what it is about and what is required. In just two minutes, this video provides clarity. Watch Demo Learn More


As banal as it may sound, it is extremely important that all employees know how to handle their passwords securely. Being messy or careless with passwords can have serious implications.   Watch Demo Learn More


The extent of ransomware attacks has exploded, and there is legitimate reason to fear them. Things can go terribly wrong if employees are not aware of the threat. Watch Demo Learn More


Employees are cheated to send money to IT criminals who manipulate and lure them into a ‘CEO fraud’ trap. With a humorous twist, this video explains how the organisation can protect itself against CEO fraud. Watch Demo Learn More


More courses

The following subjects are available on request, please get in touch to find out more.

  • Personal data – Intro to GDPR
  • Personal data – 5 golden rules (GDPR)
  • Personal data breach – 72hrs (GDPR)
  • Personal data – A day at the office
  • Confidential info -general and email
  • On the move (travelling, free wifi, etc)