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When we change habits, it rarely happens just by itself. This is also the case with our cyber security habits. The ‘Humour against hacking’ campaign was produced with this in mind.

The most important ingredient in the ‘Humour against hacking’ campaign is a series of video cartoons that have a humorous, creative twist and which inspire and engage employees to improve their cyber security habits. This helps raise the security level significantly for the entire organisation.

When employees click on malicious links or are fooled to hand over money or confidential documents, they often do so because they are not aware of their mistake before it is too later. This only happens because they lack knowledge about how cyber crime can affect them too.

Effective, flexible and straightforward

The campaign is designed to accommodate all types of businesses, both private and public, large or small.

The campaign can be scaled, customised and delivered ready for use.

It has variable content elements that can be combined to create the optimal training for you and your employees.

Key benefits

The 'Humour against hacking' awareness campaign contains all the important messages about cyber security. We offer short delivery times so you can get started quickly.

The campaign was produced by Geelong Media and Kelsa Media in collaboration with cyber security professionals from education institutions, companies and government organisations.

It has been seen by over 250,000 employees in 70 different countries.

  • Change to your organisation’s culture towards cyber security
  • Fun cartoons and quizzes to maximise employee engagement
  • Greatly reduce the risk of human error and a cyber security breach
  • Customisable campaign delivered to meet your organisations needs
  • Reporting and monitoring options to track training delivery




Dangers are lurking in your inbox. Learn what you must look out for before clicking on a link in an e-mail. 'Phishing' is a fake e-mail from a criminal who hopes to steal your digital identity - or money.

CEO fraud

CEO fraud

Employees are cheated to send money to cyber criminals who manipulate and lure them into a fake ‘CEO fraud’ trap. With a humorous twist, this video explains how the organisation can protect itself against CEO fraudsters.



The extent of ransomware attacks has exploded, and there is legitimate reason to fear them. Things can go terribly wrong if employees are not aware of the threat.

Secure passwords


As banal as it may sound, it is extremely important that all employees know how to handle their passwords securely. Being messy or careless with passwords can have serious implications.

Secure storage of data

Secure storage of data

It's important to focus on how and where data is stored. This short video cartoon explains the main issues with data storage – easy and straightforward to understand.

Lock your PC

Lock your PC

This video provides tips and advice on why we need to lock the screen whenever we leave it – and how it is done best – in order to protect content and confidential information.

Confidential information

Confidential information

All employees must be particularly aware and focused when handling confidential data and information. This is a video about how we avoid leakage of confidential material.

Travelling safely

Travelling safely

When we are on the move, either on short trips and long journeys, we must be aware of higher cyber security risks and know how we can keep our data protected.

Personal data introduction

Personal data regulations

Employees need to know what personal data is about and what is required. In just two minutes, this video provides clarity. The EU Personal Data Regulation GDPR has set new standards for personal data regulations in countries outside the EU just as well.

Personal data:
Five golden rules

Personal data:
Five golden rules

This video cartoon and quiz give employees a clear message about personal data - quick and easy, so everyone understands why personal data must be focused on.

Personal data breach

Personal Data breach

Employees need to understand their role and responsibility if a personal data breach occurs withing the organisation

Handling data and emails at the office

A day at the office:
How to handle data
and emails

A simple guide to handling personal data in the office everyday.

Image Image

E-learning and nudging

  • Quizes
  • Posters
  • Pull-up banners
  • Stickers
  • Competitions with prizes

Not just another boring e-learning campaign. Sharpen the employees' attention using nudging to engage the employees with small, loving puffs in the physical workspace.


The campaign works!

The campaign has been successfully used by many different organisations — from government departments, municipalities and universities to small and large private corporations.

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